tourincanoa - touring in canoe
on Lake of Pusiano,
italian lakes and seas


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TourInCanoa Club asdc
Via Verona, 3
20841 Carate Brianza MB
c.f. 91127150158

il piacere di stare insieme sull'acqua the pleasure to be on the water
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4th August fireworks summer camps 2012
37° festival dello sport our friends
Free canoe trial the lake from canoe
Water quality 07-21-2013
tug of war in canoe

TourInCanoa club asdc, is an official association accredited by UISP-CONI, and will guide you in the discovery of the Lake of Pusiano and the other Italian lakes and coasts.

During our common tours we uses polynesian canoes unsinkable and unrolling of ASA Canoe, a world championship brand. We supports the promotion of canoeing for common people and people with special needs with qualified instructors and natural environment guides.

Our canoes are perfect to learn how to reach a goal with team in an amusing and relaxing way.

TourInCanoa club asdc apllies to everybody, little groups of friends and families are welcome. Oue activities are perfect for children and people witout any experiece in canoeing and kayaking.

Our goal is to bring canoeing to everybody.